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BSP School of Accountancy and Management has on its roll a blend of experienced staff, each one of them specialist on their respective subjects and coming from the various sectors of the economy. They are reputed for having many years of professional teaching experience where most of them are in full time employment in the relevant and appropriate sectors of the economy as financial experts. Their practical experience varies from Tax, Accounts, Auditing, Accountant's Regulatory Bodies to Public Sector Accounting.

Our tutors are fully updated on syllabus changes, examiner's comments, interviews & reports, current and topical issues, study resources, and exams tips.

Our A Team

Mr. Sham Mathura, FCCA
Head Of Academics Affairs Managing Partner BSP Ltd Licensed Auditor BSP Associates Ex - Vice President ACCA Mauritius
Sham is a Fellow Member of the ACCA. He has extensive experience in the Industry and Practice. After having excelled as Accountant, Financial Manager, Financial Controller and Business Consultant, Sham started his own practice, BSP Ltd and BSP Associates, in 2007 and today his practice has grown to some 300 clients. He is a well-known specialist in small and medium entrepreneurship and he is regularly approached on live debates on radios and the press on financial and economic issues. His weekly programme, giving live advice to entrepreneurs, on Top FM, was a big hit.

BSP Ltd won the Business Excellence Award 2010 for Financial Management

Sham is the founder of BSP School of Accountancy & Management and his aim is to provide the unrivalled quality education at the lowest price possible. He lectures on our programme Practical Training for Trainee Accountants which is very much appreciated by all our students. Sham was the vice-president of ACCA Mauritius.


Yasir Ali, ACMA (UK), ACCA, CFA, FRM,Papers: ACCA (F5, F6, F9, P3, P4, P5 and P6), CIMA and CFA (All Levels)

Yasir Ali is one of the most qualified instructors of his age in Asia. He has degrees in ACCA (UK), CIMA (UK), CFA (USA), FRM (USA). He is a CFA Charter-holder and a Financial Risk Manager. He has worked with one of the leading commercial banks of Pakistan and Asia, MCB Bank Limited. With more than 10 years of professional teaching experience, he is an ideal person to conduct training programs on project appraisal, investment management and performance management. Yasir is a superb leader and motivator yet despite his aptitude for management his love and dedication towards teaching has led him to be one of the most respected coaches within the national scheme.

He has been teaching all levels of CFA Program since 2007. He also successfully conducted a crash course for CFA in Mauritius in May 2012. Now, he will be conducting full-time and part-time courses for ACCA, CFA and CIMA.

He has been a prominent member of BSP’s faculty of foreign lecturers. He gained immense popularity for his expertise in Financial and Business Management in November 2011, May 2012 and November 2012 ACCA Crash Courses.

Mr. Ali Shafi, ACCA

F3, F6, F7, P2 & P6

A popular choice amongst ACCA students!

Before taking up the teaching profession, Ali worked for Horwath Hussain Chaudhury & Co. Chartered Accountants, Lahore, one of the renowned audit firms in Pakistan as an Audit Executive for 2 years. During his training, he developed the interest for taxation and financial reporting, and thus, pursued his passion by joining SKANS School of Accountancy, Islamabad where he taught for 2 years. Ali joined the CFE Group of Colleges team in November 2009, and very quickly mesmerised the students with his teaching style. Being a hard worker, he compels his students to follow the same lines through quality coaching and rigorous practice for the exams. He has taught over 105 batches of Taxation and Financial Reporting over a span of more than 5 Years at beginners, intermediate and advanced level.

He has been an Elite member of BSP's team of foreign lecturers since 2 years and also a star performer in May & November 2013 ACCA Crash Courses.

Mr. Harry Jean Claude Bonne
Harry is a very well-known & popular tutor. He has been teaching A level & ACCA students in Accounting, Costing & Management Accounting. He counts several HSC Scholarships amongst his students. His pass rate is always high. He is an expert In Financial and Management Accounting. Harry lectures F1, F2, F3, F5& F7.
Mr Sachidanund Ramparsad, FCCA, MBA
Sachidanund is well known to ACCA students in the field Auditing and Corporate Governance. He has been lecturing to ACCA students for more than 12 years. Many of his students have been prize winners at national level. He started as private tutor with Accounting Framework and Management Information in 1998 and moved on to Auditing and Corporate Governance. Before joining BSP he was lecturing at the London College of Accountancy,Mauritius. He has also lectured at the University of Technology and Charles Telfair Institute. Sachidanund lectures F8, P1 and P7.
Mr Azad Patel, LLB (inter).
Azad is employed at the Tax Office and as such he deals with tax matters on a daily basis. He read for his Diploma in Common Law Systems and LLB with the University of London. He has vast experience of preparing students for Professional Taxation and Law Examinations gained from his teachings and practical experience. He lectures Law, Taxation & Ethics at F4, F6.
Mr. Inam-ur-Rahim, ACCA, MBA
After completing his ACCA training from The Bank of Punjab and Nishat Chunian Limited., Inam moved to the education sector by opting for coaching of ACCA and has been in the teaching profession from the last five years. Interested in the area of Management Accounting and Performance Management, he excelled, made his mark and thus is one of the favorite choices for the students. Inam equips students according to the examiners’ approach through qualitative coaching and extensive practice. He teaches F2, F5, P5
Rana Khurram Manzoor, CGA (Canada), CMA (USA), ACCA (UK), CA (Canada), BSc. (UK)
Papers (ACCA): F2, F4, F5, F7, F9, P2, P3 and P4
Papers (CIMA): P1, F1, P2 and F2

There’s just one word which describes Rana Khurram more than anything else and that is “Versatile” whether it is about qualifications or it concerns teaching experience or it is regarding other professional experience or it is about working home or abroad.

In qualification, he possesses prestigious degrees in the field of cost and management (CGA and CIMA) as well as accountancy and finance (CA, ACCA and B.Sc). Within the academic world, he has taught almost all of the subjects of ACCA and CIMA with complete satisfaction of students in Pakistan as well as Canada. As far as his work experience is concerned, he obtained multi-sectoral exposure while working with a leading firm of Chartered Accountants in Pakistan where he was sent to firm’s clients operating in different segments. He has also worked as Assistant Director Finance with a Canadian firm in the services sector.

Since his entry into the academia Mr. Khurram has amalgamated cutting edge theory with real-time cases carrying both an international as well as a local flavour for teaching and training purposes. He has the knack of building rapport with students and makes them comfortable, a skill he has acquired as he has dealt with students of different races and ethnic groups and he knows very well as to how to keep them involved in class and motivated for studies. His pass rates have been well-above international averages in both ACCA and CIMA.

Matloob Elahi, ACMA, MA Economics, PIPFA, M. Phil Finance (Contd.)
Papers (ACCA): F1, F2, F5, F9, P3 & P5

Papers (CIMA): E1, E2, P1 & P2

Matloob has been teaching on Professional programs for the last seven years. He is a commited professional and has the ability to deliver lecture in a clear and concise manner. His teaching is very personalised tending to simplify the topics he covers. Being a qualified Management Accountant, he is passionate about teaching and thus imparts knowledge at students’ level becoming a popular choice among students.

He has equal command on theoretical subjects – such as E1, E2 and P3 – as well as numerical subjects in the areas of Cost and Management Accounting, Performance Management and Financial Management.

Matloob is aware of the academic as well as other professional needs of the students, and is therefore, the chum of the students as he is always a step ahead. Matloob equips the students according to the examiners’ approach through qualitative coaching and extensive practice.


Hamza Siddique, ACCA
Papers (ACCA): F9, P4, F8, P1 and P7

Hamza worked for Iqba lYasir and Asim& Co. Chartered Accountants, Pakistanas Audit Executive for two years. During this tenure, he developed interest for Auditing, Ethics, Governance and Risk Management.

Hamza is a young, energetic and enthusiastic individual who specializes in the areas of Auditand Financial Management, has been teaching for quite a long time.

Hamza very quickly mesmerized the students with his unique teaching methodology in just two years’ time.Because of his charismatic personality and exam-focused style of teaching appealing to most of the students, he has beenmuch-admired by the students in the areas of his expertise. His students have also won positions in Pakistan.

Basharat Ali, ACCA Affiliate,Papers (ACCA): FMA/F2, FFA/F3, F7 and P2.

While pursuing his ACCA qualification from Kaplan-UK, Basharat Ali had extensive exposure of accountancy and finance profession with Tesco PLC, UK and Orridge and Co., UK on different positions. After completion of ACCA he joined Riaz Ahmad and Company, Chartered Accountants, a member firm of Nexia International as an Audit Executive. He had experience of serving clients in major areas of firm’s practice encompassing audit, tax and management advisory services.

Basharat has been teaching management and financial accounting in FIA and ACCA. Being a qualified Accountant, he is passionate about teaching and thus imparts knowledge at student’s level becoming a popular choice among students.

Basharat equips the students according to the examiners’ approach through qualitative coaching and extensive practice. He has his own publications in the shape of class notes, practice and exam level questions for the subjects he teaches.