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How can we help you?

BSP School values your feedback and suggestions. While we are unable to respond to your suggestions directly, we do read and take them into consideration seriously.

If you are experiencing an urgent problem or you have an urgent message/query and you need an instant reply, do send us an sms on (230) 5 942 6160 for a prompt response.


1. Is BSP School a TEC- approved Institution?
Yes, we are TEC - approved for ACCA courses. Certificate of Approval can be made available upon formal request in writing to the Registrar of BSP School.

BSP School has developed an in – house practical training scheme which is equivalent to a work placement.

The course is run by experienced tutors in the practical accounting, auditing and consultancy fields. Upon completion of course, an attendance certificate is issued to you together with a detailed outline of the courses covered, which are MQA approved.

3. What are BSP School refund policies?

We have attached our detailed refund policy, duly approved by the TEC on our enrolment form for your kind attention.
4. Am I eligible for a student bus pass?

Yes , bus pass is issued to full-time students only.

It is a 3 months course with 12 guaranteed lectures starting in August for the December exam.  Students will have to register online, or call in person at our campus, or call on (230) 405 4160 for more information.

Your tutor will ensure that you cover the syllabus with adequate progress tests and mock exams. BSP School shall provide you with adequate study materials free of charge to ensure you pass your exams.

6. What type of resource materials does BSP offer?

Study Text Revision Essentials Handbook
Study Question Bank Handouts
Revision Question Bank Mock Exams

7. Do you offer e-learning facilities?

Yes, this facility will be made available soon and will be communicated to you all accordingly.

8. Do you offer additional facilities?

Yes, see below:

High tech and well- equipped classes for students comfort.
Online contact and access to BSP tutors.
Photocopy facility at Re.1 per page
Prayer room for Muslim faith students

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